Lockheed Martin: Flying High Above Everyone Else

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For aerospace engineers, Lockheed Martin is still the gold standard in terms of aerospace companies that you’d want to work for. Its prestige comes from decades of maintaining high-quality products and continued innovation, not to mention their proven worth thanks to their close ties with the U.S. government.

For the layman, this might all sound pretty standard: after all, aerospace companies are supposed to be amazing –after all, they’re launching airplanes into the sky and rockets into space –but remember that the aerospace industry is so fast-paced and competitive that a single misstep, be it a design flaw or a malfunctioning device, can close down a multi-billion dollar company overnight. That Lockheed Martin has maintained its position at the top for this long is a feat unlike any other. Here are some reasons why Lockheed Martin remains at the top of their game:

Lockheed Martin Is a Trusted Partner of the U.S. Government

When the U.S. government faces a crisis, it turns to its aerospace partners to create advanced military armaments and vehicles to augment our armed forces. Guess who’s at the top of that list!

Lockheed Martin has long-standing contracts with the United States government that allows the company to develop military tech –from missiles and aircraft to critical pieces of hardware and materials –continuously, meaning the company won’t have to worry about revenues going down anytime soon.

Constant Innovation Keeps Them at the Top

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Unlike most corporations, Lockheed Martin is a firm believer in investing in its own products. In fact, in 2019, Lockheed Martin reinvested 90% of its total revenue back into the company. To put it into perspective, 90% of their revenue is worth $48 Billion, making Lockheed Martin one of the most prominent investors in, well, Lockheed Martin.

This kind of business mindset helps the company stay ahead of its competitors by having the funds to create advanced tech systems for aeronautics, space-age materials for rockets and missiles, and highly accurate firing controls for mission systems, both civilian and military.

Employees Love Working There

Over the years, Lockheed Martin has made its mark on the aerospace industry not just through their products, but because of how well they treat their employees. People who work in Lockheed Martin continuously sing praises, citing the company’s exciting, fun, and challenging working conditions that push people to their mental heights. Creativity and thinking outside the box are prized in the aerospace giant’s halls, leading many employees to flex their brainpower over and over again.

Another plus: Lockheed Martin’s retirement plans. The corporation is known for providing workers with fantastic incentives that help them stay on for years, allowing people to build a career in one of the industry’s most prestigious companies. It’s not uncommon to see people work at Lockheed Martin for decades, with some even making it their first, and last, jobs.

Sure, there are other prestigious aerospace companies out there, but Lockheed Martin is, by far, the most prestigious one, and the one that has decades of proven quality.

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