AI and Your Website: Keys to Excellent Customer Service

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Talk about amazing customer service. It’s no accident airlines choose to have their flight stewardess appear as beautiful as ever, for that’s how we perceive them to be. Well, flying with someone who wears a beautiful smile and is all prim and proper calms our fears. And that should be a challenge for every flight stewardess. They must exude calmness and confidence even when under stress. It’s a tall order knowing that when flights go south, the lives of everyone on board can easily be lost. As the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines 370 tells us.

While your website is definitely not an airplane, customer service plays a huge role in your success. It’s left, right, and center of your endeavors. And though you may not have to hire the most beautiful women on the planet, you still need to put your best foot forward to handle your customers better than the competition. And this is where making the most of artificial intelligence or AI should bid you well.

Think of AI as your beautiful flight stewardess on steroids. It can cater to your customer far better than any human single-handedly could. Best of all, its intelligence is tops. Indeed, it will surprise you. AI can process data that otherwise would take you ages to arrive at.

Visual and Voice Search

Right off the bat, if you’ve been wanting to improve your user experience (UX) for some time now. Now, in terms of marketing, you’d be missing a whole lot if you don’t cater to people with disabilities (PWD). There are 6 million adults in America who are PWDs, and that’s not including the younger generation. For the uninitiated, examples of PWD are people who suffer from hearing problems and those who are blind.

Take note, however, that the law, or namely the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), has also extended to the digital realm. If you are a business composed of at least 15 full-time workers (Type I), you are mandated by law to make websites ADA compliant. And that means your web content should be accessible to all users, PWDs including. Additionally, if you cater to “public accommodation” or Type III businesses, an ADA-compliance is also a must on your website.

That might make you take a hard look at your website. The good news is artificial intelligence (AI) can help you achieve such goals.

AI, for one, can improve voice and visual search. If you haven’t noticed Google is already offering voice search on its website, so does YouTube. But you can also make the most of voice search via AI, visual search including.

To do that, you need to choose an AI that has visual categorization features. A good example is Clarifai, a software that allows you to categorize to organize different visual elements on your website. The same goes true for voice search: You can use AI to refine your voice search and make it more conversational.

Imagine how happy a PWD would be if all he has to do to access your website is talk to the device.

woman smiling

Chatbots to the Rescue

Haven’t you wondered how tiring it will be for someone to attend all the chats on your website? Imagine how many people could chat at the same time. It’s going to be an uphill climb for anyone. And yes, it would take a superman to do such a job.

Lucky for you, you need no Clark Kent to get the job done. AI is there to take care of the job, literally. AI-based chatbots have a slew of advantages over their human counterpart. For one, they don’t get tired. So they’re there latched to your website 24/7 365 days of the year. Imagine how much advantage you’re getting.

And yes, you’re not talking about a low-comprehension tool. AI is topnotch. It can direct your customers or prospects to the right web page for instance. Additionally, it can answer the most common of questions. Of course, this only means your website will have greater odds for conversions to make that target KPI a reality.

Faster Analysis

But that’s not the only thing. AI can be your brains. Well, no offense. AI can actually crunch numbers we hate to tackle. So this is one tool that can help you with analysis. AI, right now, isn’t as creative as their human creator but when it comes to numbers and analysis, you got yourself a ready-to-hire software.

It’s paramount you go over your numbers if you’re into eCommerce. There’s just no going about it. And this is where AI is tops. It can give you a thorough analysis of your website and its performance to ease your marketing efforts.

Here are two key aspects AI can help to improve your sales:

  • Understand your market better. Collected data processed by AI can help you understand your audience better. It can create a better persona for your market allowing you to tailor your marketing to their needs.
  • Analyze conversations with customers. AI can collate all the data and put up key trends and conclusions that you may miss working on your own. These data can include those via chat, phone or email, and other online means of communicating.

There is no doubt AI is powerful. Using it to serve your customer best is paramount and will propel your business to long-term success.

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