Keeping an Office Organised for Better Productivity

Team working in the office
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The office does not need to be a hideous place. It should be what inspires people to be more productive instead. In organising an office, you should take into consideration several factors like these:

How to Start Organising?

Make the most of your wall space. Floor to ceiling fitted wall storage can be installed when you have enough wall space. This can help you organise files. Other wall space can be used to put on whiteboards and calendars. It is nice to have enough storage because you can put a lot of things that are not in use in the meantime, but cannot throw away.

Colour-coding in the office can save you a lot of time. Assigning one colour for a particular file allows you to put files separately, and it becomes easier to find them when needed. For example, you can choose the colour blue for finances. This means using a blue folder or a label (like a bookmark that is the size of a sticky note). Be specific if you are planning to use different colour shades, like light blue, navy blue, etc.

Whether you have a home or work office, creating a mail station can do wonders. You can make separate files for outgoing and incoming mail. Aside from that, you can assign a particular space in the office as the printing station. The printer does not need to be near the office table if it has a Wi-Fi connection.

Aside from built-in storage and creating designated stations, you can store items in containers — baskets, bins, and drawer organisers.

Managing and Decluttering the Office

An organised office is not only nice to look at. Aside from the beautiful aesthetic, you can find things easier, which boosts productivity. You can group things together however you want and whichever works for you. For smaller items like ballpens and markers, you can put them in canisters or mugs to keep them off the table when not in use.

Keep the things you often use within reach, so you will not have a hard time looking for them. For example, phonebooks should be placed near the telephone while bond paper and other printing materials should be near the printer.

Comfort in the Office

Three employees working in the office

The office should also be a place of comfort. Simply because you are working does not mean you have to disregard comfort. With that, you might want to use a comfy chair where you can also sit back and relax during break time. Even in your home office, having a relaxing chair will encourage you to work on your task swiftly. To add, use natural lighting or use bright lights.

Lastly, you can also personalise your office by putting your favourite things or items that are close to home like family photos, gifts from friends, etc. When you do this, work does not become a burden, but something you want to do. Incorporating these little things can help make the office a friendly and comfortable place. You just need a few tricks and you are good to go.


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