Increase Your Income While Working Less: Strategies for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship can be very rewarding for any person. Success is sweet when you know you’ve worked hard on your ideas. However, this reward also comes with a high risk for those who are determined enough to reach for it. For most entrepreneurs, this means a lot of sacrifices on their part, including time for their family and themselves.

Working long hours is the norm not just for self-employed individuals, but also for full-time employees. In a recent Harvard Business School survey, it revealed that 94% of service professionals worked for more than 50+ hours weekly. Unfortunately, the study also found, it’s not at all productive, and quite unhealthy.

Here are some ways on how you can increase your income and be a successful entrepreneur with less panic and more surety. Some of these pieces of advice are not necessarily directly related to time management, but they could help reframe your concept.

Handle the hardest tasks first thing in the morning.

Doing so would give you the freedom not to think of these when you do your other priorities for the whole day. According to entrepreneur and motivational coach John Rampton, this will also help motivate you to finish other tasks on your to-do list.

Visualize your goals as you wait for sleep to come.

During her talk at the UK Vogue Festival in 2013, former Spice Girl, fashion designer and businesswoman Victoria Beckham said that she had discovered that many successful people in her life do as well, is that they all visualize what they want to achieve in life before they fall asleep. This indirectly conditions the mind to be on a “success-driven” mindset until it fully gets used to it and energizes them at work the next day.

Use a membership management app or software.

Using customer relationship management or membership management software can save you time in making sure that your clients are cared for comfortably. Some clients want everything handed over to them on a silver platter and ask anything their providers could give them.

Unfortunately, clients forget that doing business with you is a two-way street. By managing their expectations always and coordinating with them even if you don’t get a response, you can help minimize problems along the way. Using membership management software can help you conduct marketing campaigns and surveys to gauge what your clients need to keep them satisfied with your service.

Just make up your mind and free up some time.

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Time management consultant Laura Vanderkam delivered one of the most powerful TED talks on prioritizing tasks. Vanderkam advised that companies have to decide and take action on which things you’d like to dedicate your time. According to her, developing the willpower to say “yes” and “no” to things, people, and events that ask for your time and attention is the simplest and fastest way to gain more time.

With a bit of time planning and by taking advantage of recent technologies, you can significantly use your time wisely. You don’t have to work yourself into the ground to increase your income. Learn to free up time for yourself because you deserve it.

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