Human Resource Management: How Technology Is Helping HR Departments Worldwide

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Human resource management is one of the most critical functions of every business. It is in HR employees are recruited and rewarded. It is in HR that employees are trained. Lastly, it is in HR that employees grow within the company. However, despite its essential nature, it is one of the most tedious jobs to do.

There are many things to keep track of when working in HR. As your company gets bigger and the more people you start hiring, the bigger HR gets. Keeping track of employees can be tough. But this isn’t the only problem that the department has. Throughout the years, the business world has become ever more data-driven. This means that every business relies on data to give them the necessary information to grow.

Data is an essential part of HR, especially when it comes to recruitment. But this data is also one of the main reasons why the department is so hectic and busy. There are also many more growing pains when it comes to human resource management.

Thankfully, technology has helped streamline many HR processes throughout the years. It has helped the department’s problems more bearable, and it has made it even more efficient. Here are some technologies that have helped human resource management much easier.

Ease of Communication

Let’s start with a tech that has been particularly important during this pandemic, and that is virtual communication. This particular tech comes in many forms, Skype, Zoom, Slack, and so much more. Regardless of the form, this tech has helped many companies reach one another despite being at home or far away from the workplace.

The implications of this in HR are much more critical. It has become an essential way to keep employees in check. Constant check-ins no longer need to be physical. Nowadays, you can schedule a virtual call with an employee and ask them how they are doing. You can now even do these calls in groups, so it’s almost the same as real life. The only difference is the convenience it brings.

Without this ease in communication, HR processes such as recruitment and employee appraisal would be bogged down by physical meetings and constant scheduling. Now it can be convenient and can be done anywhere. With the pandemic’s influence still around, this particular tech has proven valuable, especially in the world of human resource management.


One of the best technologies that have been invented in recent years is the cloud. The cloud has various functions when it comes to human resource management. Here are some of them.

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Attendance Management

Particular systems such as cloud attendance management is a good way to keep track of employee attendance. It also helps streamline compensation and benefits. All you have to do is integrate the system with the hourly or daily wages that your company has, after which, the system can calculate how much certain employees get every month.

Cloud-based Recruiting

The Cloud also has other functions such as recruitment. Some companies have found that the cloud can be a good applicant-tracking system. This is part of a function known as cloud-based recruiting. The function can do various processes such as posting the job, keeping the applicant informed about the recruitment process, and eventually hiring and onboarding the applicant into the company. It is a robust program that streamlines the recruitment process, which reduces the time a company needs to replace an employee in their company.

Before, HR officers will have spreadsheets in front of them. They would also have hundreds of folders with thousands of files from each employee. Now the cloud manages those files and keeps them secure.

Collaborative Software

One of the essential functions of HR is helping various teams and groups collaborate. Before, this used to be a very tedious task because this requires a series of meetings for one singular project. It can also be tough to keep track of compensation for each individual if your company pays by a per-task commission. However, with collaborative software, team collaboration has become so much easier throughout the years.

Nowadays, many HR managers assign tasks to their team members. They keep track of their progress through the software and communicate with them virtually. Submissions of each part of the project can also be made virtually with minimal hassle. Some of the processes can even be done automatically. This doubles a team’s efficiency without any known drawbacks. Furthermore, it streamlines the compensation and benefits process because the collaboration software can handle payments too.

If your company is struggling with its human resource department, then consider getting some of these techs for your company. We assure you that each of these techs is well worth the cost. You’ll see the difference instantly once you start working with it and know that you never want to go back again.

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