Home vs. Commercial Baking: Understanding Their Differences

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It is true that creating something special out of the ordinary rekindles the artistic side of us and gets our creative juices flowing. Especially if what we create is a treat for all the sweet tooth out there, including us, of course. Truly, there is something in baking that makes it so satisfying. Be it the joy of indulging in the sweet taste of what you made, or the process of baking itself, you can’t deny that baking is a perfect activity for all ages.

Believe it or not, humans have been baking long before they have mastered how to start a fire. But the earliest proof of a baking apparatus was found in Croatia, believed to be 6,500 years old — an oven discovered in 2014. Six thousand years later, the Roman Empire became the world’s chief enthusiast of baking, and pastry cooks widely regarded as an admirable profession.

From then on, baking has spread throughout Europe and, before long, entire Asia and the whole world. Nowadays, it’s quite common to see ovens and other baking materials in every household. The art of baking has been a staple recreational activity for many.

Baking as an Art Form and Business

One of life’s greatest pleasures is earning money from something you love doing. The idea of having fun while getting paid is like a pipe-dream for many because it seems like you can’t have one without sacrificing the other. But in the art of baking, impossible as it may seem, it lets you have both! Of course, there’s the bonus of fulfillment in seeing the happy faces of the people you sell your product to.

The Two Main Types of Baking

Baking is an activity that is common in many households as it is often viewed as a hobby. But some decided to take a step further in baking and invested in commercial baking. Listed below are the two main types of baking and their differences.

The Goodies of Home-Baking

Home-baking, by the name itself, is the act of baking pastries at home. Although it usually does, home-baking does not solely mean gathering the family around and sharing a cake. Home-baking could also be for small businesses and for selling pastries on a smaller scale. But for home-baking, a baker would normally use basic ingredients and not mix some additives into it to prolong its lifespan.


Additionally, instead of huge boxes, small business bakers use small plastic bags to pack their cookies. Opting for wholesale poly mailers in black would help reduce the cost and keep your business’s aesthetic.

Baking at home may sound overwhelming, but the truth is, it’s quite easy. The good thing about home-baking is that you have total control of the product’s quality. You also get to choose the ingredients you use, which means that you can change some of them with healthier ones! Additionally, you only need basic baking tools instead of large ones for mass production.

And of course, one of the most important aspects of home-baking; don’t you love it when you give or receive presents with a more personal touch? Yep! Baked goodies are no exception!

Reaching Out to All the Sweet Tooth with Commercial Baking

On the other hand, commercial baking uses huge and automated machinery to mass-produce baked products and distribute them on a much larger scale. But since reaching out to a wide variety of consumers require a longer time, these products would have to last longer than normal home-baked pastry.


To achieve this, some baking companies use additives like preservatives to prolong the products’ lifespan. But the downside of this is that it may not be good for your health.

Do not fret. The good news is, you’re not the only one with a sweet tooth! As much as these baking companies want you to have a taste of their product, they also do not want you to bear the unhealthy effects of the additives, which is why bakers around the world have been switching to natural preservatives. They may not last for much longer than artificial preservatives, but what matters most is that your health is on their checklist of priorities.

With the rigorous demands of our daily lives, it is definitely hard to keep track of all of them. Sometimes we even fail to take care of ourselves. The simplest things like preparing a breakfast meal can sometimes be an additional chore on top of our daily tasks, so we resort to fast food or store brought pastry which can also be bad for our health.

Thankfully, we have various activities that can reduce the stress we experience while also providing healthy snacks. Nothing else can provide that but baking!

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