Here’s What You Should Know About Lamination and Preservation

Laminating machine
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Whether you own a lamination business or are simply into preserving and laminating your most memorable items, then you would most likely agree that lamination is an important process when it comes to keeping things intact and properly preserved for years to come.

However, lamination is not that easy. There are things you have to know to prevent bubbles from forming, including other mistakes that could happen in the process. First thing first, let’s discuss a couple of things when it comes to laminating and preserving your possessions. Whether you are using a large format laminating machine or a smaller one, you have to be aware of what we will mention below.

Steer Clear of Thermal Paper

Lamination machines use heat to seal your things in plastic. Thermal paper is activated by heat, and if you put two things that are both activated by the same element, the result will always be disastrous.

Steer clear of laminating stuff that is made with or from thermal paper. Most photos, concert tickets, and airline boarding passes are made with thermal paper, so it would be best to just leave these alone and not laminate them, especially if you want to keep them intact forever.

Think Before Laminating

You might get tempted to laminate important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and the like. However, doing so is not a very good idea, especially since these are used to confirm your identity and help you with getting additional IDs and documents.

You should instead opt to keep everything in a folder or in a safe place such as a drawer or cabinet. Make sure that it will not get wet and that moisture or bugs will not come for it to keep it intact.

Dealing with Priceless Artifacts

You would most likely be tempted to laminate important and priceless artefacts to keep them intact forever. However, this is not a great idea, especially if you are planning on selling them anytime soon.

Laminated artefacts are considered invaluable since they have already been tampered with and are now impossible to authenticate. Like photos and important documents, you can just opt to put these in a safe place where insects and moisture would not be able to destroy it.

Only Laminate the Flat Items

Laminating machine

You might want to laminate art projects that contain glitters and glue, but this is not a good idea. Laminating items that are not flat is a surefire way of getting bubbles inside the plastic. Instead, you can just opt to laminate the ones that have a perfectly flat surface to make sure that bubbles will not form in them.

Speaking of bubbles, you would have to make sure that the plastic is completely pressed to the document or whatever you are laminating to make sure that the bubbles would not get in the way. Smoothen everything out with a cloth or better yet, get a large laminating machine that can take care of the job without any hassle.

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