Greenify Your Small Business

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Do you know that greenifying your small business help streamline your operations, indicate to your customers that you’re forward-thinking and responsible, and save you money in the long run?

Even simple actions such as using LED lights could save you a nice chunk of change while helping Mother Nature. But various technologies could help your eco-friendly franchises go beyond these simple actions and further solidify your business’s commitment to going green.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Remote Work Solutions


Collaborative apps like Office 365 by Microsoft and G Suite by Google make it easier to share files and work from home offices. And since all these files are stored in the cloud, like OneDrive or Google Drive, team members could continue what they were doing, regardless of where they’re working and at any time.

With remote workers, access to instant communication is also easy with Skype, Slack, and others, since colleagues can call or chat with one another, refer to previous conversations, share files, and even host real-time discussions between groups.

Additionally, virtual meeting software could limit air travel needed for certain business operations while allowing for virtual and voice communications. Likewise, Zoom and Skype, among others, give users the ability to meet online wherever and whenever works for users and meetings could be initiated at a snap of your fingers.

Because smartphones and laptops already have cameras to begin with, it’s entirely possible to hold meetings online without traveling. As a bonus, meetings can be recorded, so taking minutes is a breeze.

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Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

Many businesses, big and small, are touting cloud computing as a solid means to save money. It enables businesses to utilize only the computing power that they require when they really need it and open new servers in real time. It helps limit costs while providing flexibility.

Besides cost-savings, however, leveraging cloud computing can likewise contribute to your initiatives to become more eco-friendly. By utilizing cloud platforms, you also minimize real estate in your workplace dedicated to housing servers. Besides space, you also save money on environmental controls needed to keep the physical servers functioning properly.

Save Big with 3D Printing

One of the most revolutionary innovations in the manufacturing industry, 3D printing has vastly modified how businesses manage inventory and create products. Besides being great for reducing costs, it’s also a huge plus for the environment.

For example, traditional methods for producing metal products and components usually relied on deconstructing a larger piece of material to produce a part. However, with 3D printing, manufacturing the same product or part will only entail building it up using layers of material, which is a virtually lossless production method. This results in less waste and fewer materials.

Also, using 3D printing for productions could be more streamlined. Rather than having to produce more products and then store them in your warehouse, it provides the ability to implement small-batch productions and easily switch producing one part to another.

Furthermore, beyond streamlined manufacturing, you also reap the rewards of less standby inventory and warehouse space for your inventory. Your business automatically becomes more eco-friendly with your reduced warehouse footprint since you’re minimizing the energy resources needed to maintain a huge warehouse space.

Moving your small business into a more sustainable and eco-friendly direction could be as simple as reducing water waste or changing light bulbs to using only recycled paper or could be as big as overhauling your staffing, manufacturing, or working processes.

With all that said, environmentally friendly tech solutions have made greenifying businesses easier for many businesses, regardless of size and industry. If you need more information, you can consult an expert.

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