Go Viral: Four Steps to Getting More Video Views

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It’s the truth: most people don’t like commercials. They want to watch their favorite TV shows without any interruptions in the form of advertisements. That’s why it can be hard for TV advertisers to reach their target market.

It has become even more challenging when YouTube and other video streaming platforms made it possible for viewers to watch videos without having to sit through a whole commercial. Even when YouTube implemented a program that automatically shows a commercial in the middle of a video, users still have the option to continue without having to watch the ad.

But, commercials are far from being dead. In fact, by using a different strategy, you can make them popular. All you need to do is to make your videos viral. So, if you’re working with connected TV advertising specialists, share the following tips for making viral video content.

1. Know your audience

Before you even start to make videos, you need to know first the kinds of people you want to watch your videos. If your target is a younger audience, for example, you need to figure out what’s trending among the millennials right now. Meanwhile, if your target is an older audience, you should produce videos that are relevant to them.

2. Provide engaging headlines

With so many videos populating YouTube, it can be hard to get viewers. This is why you need to provide headlines or titles that will grab people’s attention right away.

Imagine that you’re in a huge market surrounded by hawkers. Everyone is selling smartphones and trying to get the attention of every passing stranger. It wouldn’t do you any good if you just shout at every person passing by that your phones are the latest model. Why? Because many other vendors are holding onto the same model as yours.

But, what if you scream, “Buy my phones because they can scan your heartbeat!” Then, people will be more intrigued by your product. It’s all about making sure that your titles are an eye-catcher. If they can hook your viewers, all you need to worry about now is your content.

3. Keep them short

video ads

People these days have very short attention spans, so you need to make your videos concise in order for viewers to get the message right away. You shouldn’t go further than 60 seconds because if your videos are longer than that, you might just bore your audience.

But, it also depends on your content. Even some short videos can bore other people when the content is not engaging.

4. Content is king

Coming up with content that will become viral is not an easy task. But, if you stick with good content, you may be able to sway the public to like your videos. What you can do to help your videos increase their chances of becoming viral is to think like your viewers.

These are just some of the ways to make your videos go viral. What do your viewers want to see? What do you think will move them? Look at what’s trending right now and try to come up with a message similar to what’s popular.

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