Gamification: Make Promotions Much More Fun for Your Audience

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Gamification is nothing new. We’ve been using it for a long time now even before the internet era, whether it’s getting some candy after a dental visit or receiving rewards for a school exam. But with the advent of the internet and new technology, gamification has increased in popularity. Some marketers have taken notice and integrated elements of game playing into their campaigns online.

Why use gamification in your marketing?

Gamification can elevate your digital marketing campaign because of the following reasons:

It’s much more fun for the audience

Now that the world faces a global health crisis, it doesn’t hurt to give consumers a break from all the bad news. Through gamification, marketers help entertain consumers while promoting their products or services. Consumers won’t just read or view your content, but they would actively interact with it, getting rewards along the way. This also motivates them to take part in your future campaigns.

It helps boost the engagement rate

Gamification gives visitors a much better reason to engage with and spend more time on your website. That’s great news for your SEO campaign since gamification can lead to higher traffic, higher engagement rate, more leads, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.

It increases sales

Marketing with gameplay elements can immediately boost sales. For example, you can launch mini-games in your website or social media platforms and offer various rewards that people can quickly use to buy your products, such as discount coupons and reward points that should be redeemed soon.

It improves brand loyalty

Offering fun and engaging games can help create a positive outlook towards your brand. With games, consumers also feel in control. Having the choice to be a participant in activity leave consumers feel more connected and loyal to a brand.

How can you implement gamification in your marketing?

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It’s helpful if you have an in-house mobile app developer or game designer who can integrate games into your digital marketing content. But if you own a local delivery business or local fast food restaurant, you can use existing tools to develop fun, interactive games. Here are some of these available tools:


This tool offers various ready-made, fully customizable templates for promotions and giveaways. It also offers mini-games and quiz apps you can personalize to generate leads, boost brand awareness, and offer discounts and vouchers.


Gleam is a tool that allows you to create apps and widgets to give special coupons, free downloads, or discount codes to any customer who will participate in your social media contests or online giveaway programs.


This is a community engagement platform that helps brands deliver interactive consumer experiences, such as science quizzes, food race, trivia questions, selfie competitions, and long-term tournaments. Gametize is a subscription service, and it is available in different packages to cater to varying needs.

Nowadays, more people are online to read the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic, connect with family and friends they rarely see or get entertained amidst all the uncertainties. It’s the right time to interact with consumers in a fun, exciting way—a mini-game or discount coupon can make someone’s day.

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