For Photos That Pop: Editing and Retouching Your Images

photo editing
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Gone are the days when a physical store is the end-all of individuals looking for products to purchase. Nowadays, it’s more convenient to visit a selling platform or website to shop for items. Sale postings often provide detailed information regarding the product description. Prices also tend to be lower than in physical outlets. Additionally, there are various payment and delivery options that cater to different preferences and needs.

If you are an online seller, a crucial factor to take into account when making sale postings, aside from the comprehensive text that provides product details, is the photo used. Consider this: When people shop in physical stores, they’re able to see and inspect the item. On the other hand, when they shop online, they’ll have to rely on the available photo of the product. This is why it’s vital for the appearance of your product to be clear and appealing.

To learn more about this topic, we’ll discuss important photo retouching procedures for specific types of products:

The Beauty of Photo Editing

As stated, a sale posting will not be complete without an accompanying high-resolution image. Accordingly, the image used must complement the advertising copy and must be eye-catchy. Thankfully, there are many online tools and downloadable software for photo editing, but if you worry about your editing skills, you can outsource services from a company or an independent graphic designer.

These providers usually offer services like color enhancement, image manipulation, ad design, text wrapping, 3D modeling, background removal, and retouching. The transaction is also fast and convenient, as the photo just needs to be sent to them, and they’ll send it back to you after performing the necessary edits.

Although a photo of every type of product needs to be enhanced through retouching, there are certain varieties of items in which this procedure is indispensable. These include food, jewelry, and clothing.


club sandwich

Whether you’re selling baked goods, jarred salads, packed meals, or any other ready-made food products, it’s vital to note that when people look up food online, they eat with their eyes. This is why it’s important to polish the images by adding subtle changes, making the colors pop, eliminating distractions, and highlighting the subject to make the food visually appealing and sumptuous.

Another tip is to ensure that there no crumbs, splashes, cracks, and other imperfections on the food and set when you take the photos so the editing process will be faster and easier.


Jewelry retouching is a tedious and complex modification of jewelry photography. It varies for every type of jewelry since they differ in size, dimension, and shape. The target of jewelry retouching is to utilize light and color correction to make the stones appear brighter and more lustrous. Spots or scratches are also removed. When jewelry doesn’t look shiny and glamorous, it’s hard to captivate buyers so hiring jewelry retouching providers is much needed for high-quality results.


When clothes are photographed, it can be hard to achieve accuracy of details like texture and color. For example, a silky fabric may lose some of its sheen and cotton may not look as soft. Shades also become somehow lighter, and intricate designs and patterns aren’t as noticeable. This makes editing vital for sellers of clothing, especially for women’s apparel, as they tend to have more elaborate details.

The industry of e-commerce is indeed lucrative. However, it’s not enough to just have an online presence to attract buyers. You have to exert effort and use external support from professionals as needed.

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