Five Great Alternatives to Gift Wrapping Paper

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The best way to wrap any gift is to do so with gift wrapping paper. However, some individuals struggle to use wrapping paper, especially with oddly shaped objects. On the other hand, other people find it unnecessary to spend on gift wrapping paper, so they look for other alternatives to it.

You can wrap gifts creatively with things you can find at home. This way, you can also save a ton of money in wrapping paper and uniquely wrap your presents.

Paper Bags

We all know how hard it is to wrap objects that have an odd shape. Sometimes, it is even impossible to do so with wrapping paper. One good way to wrap these types of objects is by using repurposed printed paper bags. The best paper bags to use are ones with printed designs and patterns on them. If you do not have printed paper bags, you can use plain ones as well. Feel free to decorate or draw on them to maximize their potential.

Nevertheless, gift wrapping is made easier since you simply have to put the object to wrap in and seal the paper bag close. You can also add personal touches by designing with ribbons and attaching personalized cards.


Another alternative to gift wrapping paper is to use boxes. It is best to use plain old boxes, but you can also use ones that were used for packaging. But if you are going to be using industrial boxes, you can paint over the undesirable print on the box or use newspaper to cover it up. Boxing your gift up is one simple way to wrap it. For better results, add final touches such as ribbons and gift wrapping cords.

Old Sweaters

A unique and creative way to wrap presents is to do so using old fuzzy sweaters. You can do so through Furoshiki gift wrapping, the Japanese art of fabric wrapping. In addition, you can also sew gift bags out of your sweater or use sweater strips to glam up boxed presents. There are a lot of creative ways to incorporate repurposed sweaters into gift wrapping.

Recycled Cloth

As mentioned above, you can use Furoshiki in gift wrapping. This gives you an assortment of clothing options to use as gift wraps. You can use scrap materials or old clothes to either wrap presents Furoshiki-style or make recycled cloth bags out of them. You can use the fabric from scarves, cotton clothes, old table napkins, curtains, blankets, pillowcases and many more.


pile of newspapers

The best thing about newspapers is that you can reuse and recycle them in many ways. One of them is to use these old scraps of paper as an alternative to wrapping paper. In essence, you can use it much like how you use gift wrapping paper. Sometimes, you can even use them to redesign boxes or make paper bags out of them. Nevertheless, you will find that you can use newspapers in a lot of ways; the choice is up to you.

There is no need to shell out cash for gift wrapping paper just so you can wrap up the pile of presents you have. If you only take the time to look around your household, you will find that there are a number reusable and recyclable materials you can use instead.

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