Finding the Best Employees: What Should You Do?

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Hiring can be tricky. Often all we think we need in an employee is someone who has enough experience and knows enough about our industry. However, there are more than just qualifications that play into whether someone will work out in the long run. If you want to find the best person for your company, you need someone who will work out in terms of skill and experience and terms of fit. We know it’s a bit subjective, but there are ways to improve the quality of candidates that apply to your business.

1. You can’t just look at resumes

Resumes don’t tell you much about what kind of employee someone will be. Even if they list experience and qualifications, you need to see how they interact with others and how things went in their previous jobs. You can usually say something about a candidate based on their resume: organized or disorganized, detail-oriented or casual, lazy or hardworking, etc. However, these clues won’t serve as a comprehensive guide, and you might miss out on some great people. Hiring someone who seems like they fit your company’s culture will give you more chances of success than looking at their resume alone.

2. Hire through referrals

Referrals help you take the risk out of hiring for your business because they’re usually already vetted by an outside party (the person who referred them). It’s easier to trust someone’s opinion when it isn’t coming from within your company, and it gives employees a chance to see if their friends’ personalities and work styles would mesh with yours. Hire referrals whenever you can—the quality of applicants jumps, and so does the likelihood that they’ll stick around for a while since they already know someone at your company.

3. Hire someone with nothing to prove

Hiring for attitude means that you’re looking at whether the right frame of mind is there when it comes to work. You want someone willing to do what it takes and interested in doing their best, not just trying to make an impression or show how much they know about your industry (but don’t be afraid of hiring people who are eager).

At the same time, you need people who aren’t intimidated by new challenges and have a growth mindset to learn from mistakes and put them behind them quickly. Hire someone who thinks positively about problem-solving instead of focusing on making sure everything goes perfectly while they learn on the job.

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4. Hire someone with a good work ethic

Not everyone comes in early and stays late, but you want the kind of people who will give their all when they’re there. Hire someone who will be dedicated to making sure your customers have a great experience and are satisfied with the products or services they receive from your business. Hire someone passionate about what they do and committed to being the best at it. Hiring for attitude means hiring someone whose natural disposition is toward doing well at their job. You need people with positive energy who aren’t easily discouraged if things don’t go their way initially. Just look for ways around problems instead of trying to find reasons it won’t work.

5. Hire an HR consulting service

Hiring can be tricky, and HR consulting services provide you with the help you need to make it easier. Hiring an outside party experienced in vetting candidates can give you more chances of making a great hire for your business. Hiring HR consulting services gives you more chances of finding someone with the right attitude for your company.

Give them what they need to find the best people for your friendly, hardworking team so that everyone will be happy working together. Hire someone whose personality, work ethic, and skills match up well with your business culture. Hire an HR consulting service so that hiring talented employees can become one less thing on your plate.

6. Hire someone who fits your company culture

Hiring someone with the right attitude means screening for a few key things. Hire someone enthusiastic about what they do and get excited by new challenges, no matter how small or large. Someone with a growth mindset will look for ways to get better, not just at their job but as a person too. That kind of enthusiasm will translate into them being excited about your company’s goals and ideals, which helps create a great customer experience that you can build on.

7. Hire someone who enjoys working

Every company wants its employees to work hard, but it’s tough to motivate people if they’d rather be doing something else. Many people might think that this doesn’t apply to them or their employees because they like what they do, but it can be tough to sustain that kind of enthusiasm for years on end (or even months in some cases). Hiring someone who is enthusiastic about their job (and its place in your company culture) makes it more likely that they’ll not only love coming into work every day but that they’ll treat the people your company serves with respect.

The first step to building a great company culture is hiring the right people. You need employees who are engaged and enthusiastic about what they do every day, not just filling time until their next job offers better pay or more challenge. Hire someone with a good attitude that will fit into your team and help your business build toward its goals instead of constantly trying to find ways to make your business meet its own needs.

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