Everything You Need to Know about Ozone-Generating Air Purifiers

white ozone-generating air purifier
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Ozone generators, also known as ozone air purifiers or ozone machines, are one of the most common ways to get rid of airborne contaminants from homes, offices and even cars. They are designed to produce ozone via a straightforward process that occurs naturally in the atmosphere.

But first: What is ‘ozone’?

We all know the ‘ozone layer’ that serves as the protective layer of our planet. On a smaller scale, ozone ​is made of three oxygen molecules, or ‘O3’, which is why many people refer to ozone as ‘trioxygen’. The third oxygen molecule is significant, because of its loose connection with the first two. This allows the molecule to easily attach itself to air pollutants. Once it attaches to pollutants, it destroys the substance, leaving you clean and deodorised air.

How do ozone-generating air cleaners work?

What an ozone air purifier does is it takes oxygen from the air and power the element with a strong electrical charge. This charge allows the oxygen molecules to form the ozone. Once the ozone is ready, the purifier releases it into the air. When the ozone hits smoke or mould, it eliminates them.

How do I use an ozone air purifier properly?

It’s best to rely on experienced professionals when using an ozone air purifier. However, if you are operating an ozone generator yourself, start by closing all the windows and doors in the room. Turn on the ozone air purifier and leave the room so the machine can do its work. Most ozone generators have times, so make sure to set your preferred time before leaving. A couple of hours will do for an average-sized room. Once the machine has switched off, wait for the ozone to dissipate before going back to the room.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep the cleaning process effective:

  • Keep your pets away from the room when you’re using an ozone freshener.
  • Run the ozone generator in short periods rather than long hours to maintain the quality and performance of your equipment.
  • Use an electric fan for better circulation of the ozone.
  • Run the air conditioning while cleaning with an ozone air purifier so you can also sanitise the ductwork, preventing mould and mildew.

What else can ozone air purifiers get rid of?

white zone-generating air purifier

Ozone purifiers are known for eliminating ethylene gas, which occurs naturally in certain fruits and vegetables, allowing them to ripen rapidly. Some kitchens use ozone in a refrigerated area to extend the life of produce. Ozone purifiers are also effective against cigarette and cigar smoke, making them ideal for the house or public smoking stations. Ozone treatment may also kill bacteria, pathogens and viruses, such as E-coli and MRSA.

How do ozone generators differ from other air purifiers in the market?

While air purifiers simply filter the air, ozone generators release a gas that cleans and sanitises the atmosphere. Air purifiers clean the air within the machine by sucking out the air before it releases filtered air back into the room. Ozone cleaners, on the other hand, do the cleaning outside the generator, while the ozone touches another substance.

Ozone air purifiers offer a long-term solution to odours, airborne contaminants and other pollutants that could affect your health. With a trusty ozone generator, you’ll have healthier, fresher air in no time.

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