Designing a Nonprofit Website: Things You Should Remember

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For the longest time, marketing nonprofit organizations is done through traditional tactics. You would often see volunteers handing out flyers and leaflets. Founders and associates often pitch with corporations and businesses to solicit support. Media tie-ups are another means.

These are all essential to promoting the cause and even improving the financial stream of the organization. But if you want to explore more options and extend and broaden the reach of your promotional efforts, you may need to start building a website.

The discipline of nonprofits’ website design is almost the same with that of corporate and e-commerce websites. There should be always strong calls to action. But if you want to delve into much deeper, you can use this article as a reference.

Whether you are the founder or the web designer that has been commissioned to build the site, below are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

Make your battle cry known

The homepage of your website should be visually arresting, meaning it should capture the attention of your visitors. You can come up with a good headline, which is usually part of your battle cry. The menu should be easily readable, and it should direct your audiences to other pages efficiently.

If you still have some space, you may want to embed your manifesto video that details your efforts and the reasons and driving forces behind the cause. You can even make your homepage interactive by implementing animations.

Make in-site actions easy

Online fundraising campaignThe purpose of having a nonprofit website is not just to spread the word about your organization. It is not just about sharing your battle cry, either. It is also about soliciting financial support and encouraging members to volunteers.

As such, you ought to make it easy for your target audiences to donate and sign up. Keep the process short and sweet. If these require your audience to go through procedures, they will abandon your website. More importantly, make the transactions safe. You can ask a reliable provider of website design services in Mountain Home, AR for recommendations.

Integrate it into your social media efforts

If you have gone online, you must make sure that your digital campaign works like an ecosystem. This means that each aspect of your campaign is interconnected. For one, you must make sure that your social media posts should lead readers to your website.

Similarly, you may want to lead your website audience to your social media pages to gain additional followers. The latter is easy to do; you just have to make sure that there are social media buttons on your website.

Make it mobile responsive

One insight that you should look into is the fact that many people access the Internet through their smartphones. With this in mind, you must make sure that your website is mobile-responsive. For starters, this means that your website is easily navigable when your audience visits it through their smartphone.

A nonprofit website should be streamlined and user-friendly. You will have to invest in the following aspects: user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

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