7 Customer Service Technology Trends to Look out For

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Technology improves to make our lives easier. And for businesses, this means they can offer better service at a more efficient capacity. Especially in the field of customer service, technology now aids customer service representatives to offload some of the more repetitive tasks. But beyond that, it offers quite more. Below are some examples.

Social Media Presence

In the world today, social media presence has become such a significant factor. Not just for individuals, but also businesses as well. It is a platform both for advertising and marketing your service, but also connecting with existing and potential customers. Before, connecting to a business meant calling on the phone and potentially being put on hold, but it has become a thing of the past now.

Many customers now prefer to connect to their service provider through social media, as it shows whether a business is active in responding. Along with ease of contact and potential for marketing, many social media platforms also allow direct selling of their merchandise, which makes using it very convenient for everyone involved.

AI for Customer Correspondence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most sought-after technologies, and it has developed into something very reliable. In recent times, AI chatbot platforms are now available for use, making the rather repetitive and mundane task of answering common questions relatively easy. Many websites now host an AI chatbot that allows for easy modification to fit any business’s needs. This, in turn, makes it convenient for clients and customers to have their questions answered- especially since many would rather ask a question directly rather than skim through a long frequently asked question page.

Real-Time Communication

However, while chatbots are indeed very useful, human correspondence is still something that’s very important. Fortunately, customer service representatives can utilize the very same platform that AI chatbots use, allowing for seamless and easy transfer from AI to a real human. This makes immediate solutions to difficult problems possible, especially when a client is requiring a very specific type of assistance. This has taken over email, one of the most popular ways of communicating in an online format. After all, chat messaging is a lot faster than email, and it doesn’t have the sense of formality emails usually carry.

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GPS Tracking and Delivery

In the days of yellow books, people would often call businesses to ask for their address. Nowadays, you can simply google a business’ name and get all the necessary contact details. It also includes their opening time and address (and in some cases, real-time traffic situations near the area). However, this technology can also be used for real-time tracking of deliveries. This is particularly useful for businesses that rely on delivering their products and goods, such as a food delivery service or enterprises without a brick-and-mortar shop. This level of real-time update used to be a thing of science fiction but has now become an average daily technology.

Multi-Platform Availability

With the thousands of different online shopping platforms, many businesses have quickly learned to utilize multi-platform availability to maximize their reach. Having a dedicated online shopping website for your products can be further maximized by linking it through relevant social media channels. And in some cases, the very same social media channels have a shopping feature embedded into their system. This rolls marketing and sales into one, allowing businesses to advertise their goods while also providing a market platform to remove the need to transfer software or accounts.

Feedback Collection

After using any online-based business software, a short feedback form normally follows. While this is something many modern users (and businesses) are used to, providing feedback forms was not as common as they are now. But thanks to this, businesses can now truly gain an insight into what their customers think and act upon it. Paying attention to feedback forms is something that many businesses should do more, as it allows them to understand what it is that clients expect and want from their products.

Apps for Everything

“There’s an app for everything” is now a common saying, but this rings quite true. Many major businesses often choose to launch their own smartphone app to better serve their customers. It also allows for everything mentioned here to be centralized- from selling products to customer service communications, to even managing complaints or feedback. There is an app for almost everything, and it’s to the benefit of both consumers and businesses.

As technology progresses, businesses will adopt it for their specific use. Be it in customer service or production, innovation will only bring us improvements. We can only expect more in the future.

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