Crates of Kindness: 4 Ideas for Awesome Care Packages

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2020 has not been a splendid year so far, with the current health crisis looming over everyone. With strict social distancing measures encouraged in a lot of places, your friends and family might be feeling lonely.

Although you can bridge the divide with phone calls and video conferencing apps, you can consider a more tangible way of showing the people you love how much you care about them. According to psychology experts, sending care packages is an excellent way of maintaining relationships.

Here are four different types of care packages you can consider assembling and sending to friends and loved ones. Just pack the following things in affordable shipping boxes and send them your love.

“Get Well Soon” Package

Is someone you know feeling poorly? Did a friend tell you they’re under the weather? Visiting them can be tiring and needlessly risk your own well-being. Sending a package full of items that will help them get back on their feet as soon as possible is the perfect way to show them you care.

  • Multivitamins in tablet or syrup
  • Microwaveable soup and meals
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy snacks like raisins and kale chips
  • Electrolyte-enhanced beverages
  • Tissues for their sniffles

“Feed the Love” Package

The best way into anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Perhaps you’re loved one misses a particular delicacy. Maybe you know they’re busy and don’t have the time or the resources to stock up on delicious treats. Send them a delicious selection bursting with different flavors to remind them of your affection.

  • Salty and long-lasting snacks like artisanal beef jerky
  • Healthy snacking alternatives like trail mix
  • Dried tart fruits like apricots, apples, and orange peel candy
  • Confections like chocolate-covered almonds and raisins
  • Cake or brownie mixes

“Fun and Games” Package

Loved ones stuck at home or reducing their time outside can get tired of watching movies or surfing the Internet. Provide them and their families with enjoyable alternatives by sending a care package full of fun activities they can enjoy together during the long hours at home.

  • Five- or thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles
  • Competitive and engaging board games like Risk or Monopoly
  • Word puzzles like Scrabble or Boggle
  • A selection of coloring and activity books for younger children
  • Card games like Uno or Dixit

“Explore Other Worlds” Package

Perhaps your friends and loved ones are more introverted and enjoy quieter entertainment. You can still send them a fun time by assembling a care package full of new reading material. Acclaimed novelist Stephen King once wrote that “There are other worlds than these,” and you can provide friends with a whole multiverse in a single box.

  • Find copies of your favorite books so that you can bond over them
  • Hunt through your house for unread books and reading material
  • Include information magazines to expand their mind
  • You can throw in graphic novels and comic books for more visually inclined recipients
  • Writing implements such as blank notebooks and a selection of pens

Don’t limit expressing your emotions and devotion to your loved ones with words. Sending them a care package shows them just how much you value them in your life. During these tough times, that’s worth more than anything you can fit inside a box.

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