Cozify Your Home with Rustic Touches: Here’s How You Do It

rustic home
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Want to improve the look of your home? Here are the five basic elements you can tweak to bring in some rustic appeal to your interiors.


By definition, the term rustic means relating to the countryside. Here, you can already see the direction you should go in. Bringing outdoor elements indoors, such as wood, stone, twine, leather, and natural fibers to name a few. Incorporating these natural outdoorsy elements into your home design can dramatically change the overall ambiance of your property.

Rustic stair parts, giant exposed wooden beams, massive stone walls, leather upholstery, and tree trunk coffee tables are some perfect examples of design elements that can be incorporated into your home.


When it comes to color, your best point of reference is still the color palette that you can see in nature. The use of warm neutral colors can bring a strong sense of natural feel and calming effect into your interior spaces.

Beiges, creams, and different shades of gray or brown all make for an interesting yet inviting combination of colors that add warmth and coziness to your space. In most cases, the application of colors goes from darker-colored floors, pieces of furniture, and doors to lighter-colored walls and textiles.


rustic furniture

One of the best parts, if not the best, of transforming a space is choosing and acquiring the right furniture. When you’re redesigning your home into a rustic space, you don’t need to go to extremes. The good thing about a rustic approach to design is you don’t need to get brand-spanking-new furniture. The ideal is to make it look weathered yet cozy enough for folks to get comfortable in.

Take stock at what you have and see if it fits your overall design goals. Replace those pieces that do not blend well with your theme. If you can afford it, replace some of your doors with reclaimed barnwood materials to complete the look.


Walls can be treated in several ways to make it appear more rustic. The typical plaster-finished wall can be painted in warm neutral colors. However, you may also choose to use other more organic materials such as bricks, stones, and wooden panels.

In addition to all that, with the rise in popularity of the shabby chic farmhouse style, bricks can be painted in neutral colors. Floral wallpapers can also be used in certain areas in the house, especially in bedrooms and powder rooms.

Natural timber beams can also be incorporated into your wall design by placing them horizontally across the ceiling or vertically on your walls to transform your space into a rustic area.


In most cases, natural hardwood floors are present in rustic-themed homes. However, you may choose to not replace your flooring with natural timber. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you now have other equally impressive alternatives such as engineered wood flooring.

Another staple flooring material found in rustic houses is natural stone tiles. These are normally used in bathrooms and hallways. Area carpets with ethnic-tribal patterns, woven rugs, and fur mats also add to the mix in giving your home some added fluffy factor.

Home Decor

As far as home decor is concerned, you could go purely rustic with your selection or you can mix in some contemporary or art deco pieces. Your decors should still somehow complement the overall look that you are going for. The most important thing is it should be visually enticing and still exude a sense of homegrown comfort and coziness.

If you do things right, the irresistible charm of your cozy home will win the hearts of your guests.

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