Canvas of Possibilities: The Beauty of White T-Shirt

man wearing a white shirt
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There will always be guidelines that will tell people how to style themselves. These are often considered by people who want to up their fashion and create a good impression. If you are one of those who have read dozens of style guides and lookbooks, there is one common thing that you will notice. They will tell you that you should not just stick with trends. You ought to go for flexible style pieces that can stand the test of time. If you observe more closely, such style guides will always tell you that you should own a white T-shirt — yes, a plain white T-shirt!

Style icons, such as Cara Delevigne and David Beckham, are fans of white T-shirts. Its simplicity makes it a canvas for many beautiful and stylish possibilities. For stylists, these shirts are the building blocks of stunning wardrobe styles. There are many reasons people have their biases for white T-shirts over clothing of other colors. Here are some of the situations and factors that make white T-shirts versatile:

You can layer it

woman wearing a white shirt and a black jacketIf you want to spruce up your white T-shirt, one of your best bets would be layering it. Coming up with stylish layers is a good way to insulate yourself during cool seasons while ensuring that you will actually look good. For starters, a good way to layer for guys is to wear a button-down over their white shirts. For the ladies, they can top it with a blazer or a cardigan. You may even choose to wear a camisole over it if you want to give it texture.

You can tuck it

This applies to all genders. Tucking in your white shirt is one way to make it look dressier. You can either wear a belt or not. For guys, a pair of cropped trousers will certainly do the trick. Match the overall ensemble with a pair of fresh white sneakers. If you are tucking it with jeans, work boots will make you look good. For the ladies, you may choose to wear cropped trousers and pair it with stilettos or sneakers. If you want to stay relaxed, ballerina flats and gladiator sandals will always be acceptable.

You can have it printed

You may want to have your shirt printed with funky and textured designs. This will always be a surefire way to style up your blank canvas. Eventually, you may want to expand this idea into a business. You may even sell white shirts with nice, screen-printed designs. Offer custom services if your clients are looking to have branded items. If you want to make this business endeavor easier, you can always find a screen printing business franchise and work with them.

White T-shirts are versatile items you must have. It is a blank slate that can accommodate a lot of artistic leanings and possibilities. The plainness of this piece challenges you to be more creative, thus allowing you to come up with mixes that will help you create a good impression.

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