Balancing Work and Personal Life

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Work is one part of your life that you can either really love or really hate. A healthy dislike for certain aspects of your job may be unavoidable. Love for what you do, of course, helps you do better and be more inspired to finish everything. However, when you have problems taking a break from work, you may notice everything else in your life is falling apart.

Here’s what happens when you spend more time in the office than at home:

Do You Always Think About Work?

When work is the only serious commitment you have, you always think about it even when you’re supposed to be resting or taking a break. You even anticipate new emails coming in, checking your phone every minute and calling people at the office to make sure everything is alright.

You may become a micromanager, as well. People working under you get the impression that you don’t trust them enough to let them do their job, which means you’re not getting any brownie points for being a sympathetic manager either. No one is stopping you from working hard, and if you love what you’re doing, at least make good connections while you’re at it. This will help you delegate tasks to other members of the team easier and more confidently, removing some of the burdens on you.

Do Your Personal Relationships Suffer?

The more time you spend on work and the anticipation of work, the less time you spend on personal relationships. Your significant other may be competing with the hours you put in to get extra tasks done at the office just because you don’t want them to pile up. You may even feel disconnected with your family and friends, and the only friends you get to hang out with are those who also work in the same company.

This can easily be rectified by taking a break to regain that work-life balance. But a workaholic will struggle with being away from work. To be successful in balancing your work and personal life, you’ll need assurances that everything will be fine even when you’re out of the office. That makes cloud-based project management a handy tool, as it allows you access to everything you need even when you’re away. Use this when you need to, and do regular check-ins to see everyone’s progress. For the rest of your time, however, you should be concentrating on your relationship–at least until your break is done and you’re back to a regular working schedule.

Do You Take Work Challenges Personally?

frustrated worker at his deskThe biggest problem when you only have work to look forward to is that you put everything into it. You get so attached that you consider work failures to be your failure. While it’s good to be accountable for your mistakes, if they are truly yours, it’s also important to understand that there are parts of the business that are beyond your control.

At the very least, get a new hobby to release some of the pressures that work may come with. Going to the gym can be good for your body and it will help you relax. If you can go on vacations regularly, that’s even better.

You may not realize you’ve already dropped everything else in your life aside from work. But don’t worry; you can regain control if you are aware of the problem.

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