4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Website

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Images are a great way to capture your audience and show them what services and products you offer. It does not matter what type of website or business you have, as images are important for every single website. However, some images, especially the ones with higher resolution, can slow down your website.

A slow website can annoy your visitors, which can result in them closing your website and never visiting again. What is worse is they can tell other people about this, and this can eventually bring down your business.

This is the reason we will talk about how you can optimise your image-heavy website to make it load faster. Getting web design services in Bromley will definitely help, too, and we will discuss why you should play around with that idea.

Consider Resizing Them

This is the most obvious choice, but it can take a little bit of your time. You should resize the image on the server and send it to the browser for a faster and more effective process. Do your research on how huge each image should be. Not following the recommended size can still slow down your website, so go ahead and do so as soon as possible.

Go Mobile-Friendly

In a world full of smartphones, you should make your website mobile-friendly. Many people are browsing through their phones (than desktops), as mobile devices and networks have become a lot stronger compared to before.

If your website is responsive to desktop, mobile, and tablets, then go ahead and switch to responsive images. This will help the browser decide which image size to load on a specific device, which will make the loading time faster for every single user.

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Use Less Images

This is kind of a last resort, but it could improve the loading time of your images and website. Loading too many images all at once could slow down your website, and would have a negative impact on user experience.

You have the choice to create buttons, gradients, and other types of advanced elements through CSS instead of just uploading typical images. Not only will this make your website look more creative, but it will also inspire your users to be more interactive when it comes to the website’s added features and buttons.

Hire a Web Design Company

The best option you have is to hire a third-party company that deals with web design. They would know how to properly resize and optimise your images, as well as your website, for a better viewing experience.

Remember to look at their sample projects and the websites that they have created before so you can get a feel of how they work and what they can do for your website.

Test your website and make sure that each image is loading as fast as it should be before going ahead and launching it. Have your third-party web design team review each spec to make sure that nothing will go wrong when your audience finally tries to view the website.

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